More than a Sketchy Phone Call??

I am currently chock full of mixed emotions. I hadn’t gotten any feedback on the fliers that I posted around town. Despite my recent successes at the locating the letter from the Cutter Service at the National Archives, and the newspaper articles that I found, but that was the only substantial evidence I found, which is something but it would be too bold that these documents prove anything. So when I received a phone call this afternoon, I was both excited and frightened. The person on the other line was a man claiming to be the great-great-great-great grandchild of Edward Owens. Now I know that I can’t simply discriminate against him because he’s a man, but being a girl and having a mother drill all those horror stories of girls disappearing, not to mention the abundance of media coverage to back it, it starts to get under your skin. I mean that definitely was not the first thought the crossed my mind. I believe my reaction was more like, “when can we meet?!” more than “who are you? and should I believe you are telling me the truth.” But nonetheless (me being the history obsessed fool that I am) I instantly cleared my schedule to take a trip out there. After talking to him for a few minutes, I learned that he had all kind of family documents to prove it. We made plans to meet this coming weekend.

As soon as I hung up the phone I realized that it could just be some ploy to get a young woman into his house. (Clearly I’ve watched way too many lifetime movies) But better save then sorry I decided to get my boyfriend or someone else to tag along.

I am praying that this turns out to be helpful!

2 Responses to “More than a Sketchy Phone Call??”

  1. Amanda C. says:

    This is huge Jane, This is exactly the push you needed, but yes i do agree it is a bit creepy to go by yourself, better take someone with you. Oh and maybe you should post that flier in a local college, see if any historians can help you out

  2. Tom says:

    Yeah, next time we are in class can I get a few of those flyers? I’ll pass them on to friends and relatives for you if you want. Also, I would be very careful about this guy he seems very shifty to me.