Insurance Documents

Since Owens was small-time, only robbing small, non-commercial boats, there might have been other documentation that could supplement what I already have, such as insurance documents. Perhaps he robbed recreational boats, or other fisherman. I figured it was worth checking out see if he happened to have taken jewelry, or expensive heirlooms, that the owner might have filed an insurance claim. Many people insure expensive items that they own. I might be able to cross reference them to the newspaper articles that I was able to locate. However, as it turns out most of the companies that were around in the 1870s no longer exist today. Moreover, after talking to my Uncle who deals with insurance policies, I was informed that there might not be anything on file because after the policyholders’ deaths, the papers were usually destroyed to prevent any kind of fraud. To confirm this I made some other phone calls to other places that may know something about that, including an insurance firm that had been around at least as long as Owens’ piracy, and all sources point to there being a total lack of documentation.

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