A Different Perspective

After my conversation with Sarah, I decided to take another angle. I decided that maybe I should look for local Sheriffs during that time period, with the hope of locating some sort of records. Judging by the lack of real organization it will probably be difficult to locate these records…but perhaps the National Archives would have copies of them.

Anyway, with the help of librarians I was able to find some records that provided information on the sheriffs in several different Countys. Here is what I found:

-Sheriff of Somerset County, MD in 1875 – Benjamin Lankford

- Sheriff of Somerset County, MD in 1878 – Hance Lawson

- Sheriff of Accomack County, VA in 1870 to 1879 – Richard T. Ames

I am going to take a trip the National Archives to see if I can locate any documents from the Cutter Service, perhaps they responded to any complaints that may have been made.

One Response to “A Different Perspective”

  1. Betsy says:

    The National Archives are a great source for pretty much anything; that’s where I’ve found a lot of leads for the research pertaining to my project– good luck!