All Systems Go!

Just had a meeting with my Professor about my research project. She was still not completely convinced but she did give me the go ahead to at least investigate it. She did suggest that I not completely rely on this as my reseach topic, because it could led to a dead end. Instead she said I should write about crime in the Chesapeake Bay and then I could build the story of the Last American pirate into my paper. So the good news is I have a back up plan even if this whole thing turns out to be a fluke. Unsure of where to begin with my research, I am going to take a trip back down to the source, to check out the area’s local Historical Society to see what information I can gather.

One Response to “All Systems Go!”

  1. Kelly K says:

    She might be right but it never hurts to try. Isn’t there a quote somewhere that says something about every local legend is based in some fact. Maybe this one isn’t just a legend. Anyway good luck with your research.